• Feeding Your Talent (Big & Rich)

    Feeding Your Talent (Big & Rich)

    Getting to stand along side others in the industry has helped me alot. Joined The voice as a camera operator and production assistant a few weeks ago. Being in front of the camera a few times myself has helped a little but guiding the on screen talent as a producer is another story. Watching these two fellas work there magic was great and helped me gather a few tricks here and there on my interviews.

  • Filming Food Truck Kindom has been...... Tasty.

    Filming Food Truck Kindom has been...... Tasty.

    This has been a great week for food trucks. Just need to push this a little further and get the goods (food) to show everyone. It has been fantanstic. Donald Jenkins has joined the team to be the Personality and also provide Narration. He fits in perfectly. If anyone gets a chance, don't forget Thursdays in Downtown Nashvile at noon. On Deaderick, food trucks are taking up a whole block giving you what you want in a nice diner straight to you on wheels. Yum Yum!!